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In an unusual experience the Lebanese Tania Al Khoury calls the public to share a few minutes with a refugee in her show As Far As My Fingertips Take Me. This is a conversation that takes place through a wall between a spectator and a refugee. Their fingers touch each other without seeing each other.
The refugee will mark the spectator. The viewer will listen to those who have recently challenged discrimination at the border. As Far As My Fingertips Take Me is a touch and sound experience.
“It was a commission by the LIFT festival in London in partnership with the Royal Court Theater for a refugee status program. I thought the story was not personal enough to tell it alone, so I invited a friend, artist Basel Zaraa, to contribute to the performance. Basel was born a refugee in Palestine, in Damascus, he had many things to tell. Basel wrote a song and recorded it. Personally, I always work with public interaction, so this piece is a continuation of the general direction of my work, “explains Tania El-Khoury.


“His tale doesn’t just touch me in a fleeting

way – as the many stories and images reported

in the newspapers do – it goes further. It marks

me.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


The piece was presented last March as part of the D-CAF festival (2018). Tania says, “The hospitality in Cairo was really touching. Other than the tactile interaction that audiences around the world have felt in Cairo, people have listened well to the song and the details of the sound piece. Many young people spoke to me about rap that they found very strong. It was special for us because it was the first performance in the Arab world.


The show will be presented in English and French at the art school of Avignon, July 16 to 24 (release July 19) at 10:30 and 13:30. The French version of As Far as My Finger Tips Take Me is played by Yuval Rozman. After Avignon OFF, the show will be presented at Fringe Arts, Philadelphia (first three weeks of September), at the Anti Festival, Finland, 28-29 September, in Slovakia, 1-2 October, in Basel, Switzerland 4-6 October and at 4 + 4 Motions, Prague: October 10-13.

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