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Without Damage is a contemporary dance performance, based on the choreographic research of dancer Mohamed Fouad. It is a reflection on the circulation of internal and external forces that the body must adapt in order to live in a never ending changing environment. A man springs out of the darkness to leave a trace of his presence on the ground. The dancer Mohamed Fouad draws with chalk and the contact of his body with the earth. His choreographic research is punctuated by a series of interruptions that give space to speech. The dancer wonders about the meaning of art and its commodification. Mohamed Fouad uses the bodies of the spectators who lend themselves to the game and come, in turn, to draw the trace of their passage on the board. He invites them to take part in the interpretation.

Without Damage is a sensory and interactive experience, humorous and sensitive. A playful choreographic research questioning, due to the weapons of humor, derision and complicity of the public, the strength and limits of art and its interpreter. “The trunk of a tree is strong but its branches are fragile. This mixture of strength and feverishness is the secret of its survival, and it is due to this balance that we also regulate our world “, summarizes Fouad. The idea of ​​his show was given last March in Cairo as part of the D-CAF festival.


“It’s both a hilarious and disturbing show for the audience. The latter is, right from the beginning, surprised by a show outside the norms of contemporary dance. it is a comedy whose dance scenes are based on humor and sarcasm. After having danced solo, Mohamed Fouad declares that this show did not speak about politics or economic problems. It could not be attributed any qualifier. He simply danced for us (the audience) by repeating “just dancing for you”. On the stage, he stops, resumes his dances, teases the audience by making them participate in certain situations and a few jokes. The show is thus given in a festive and cooperative atmosphere. The performance ends with a repetitive dance where Fouad declares before beginning it, that it will not stop until everyone has left the room! “Without damage” due to its idea, its new design and its interaction with the public is one of the most exciting shows of the D-CAF festival. “Writes Hend Salama to the daily Rose Al-Youssef.

MOHAMED FOUAD: Mohamed Fouad received training in theater (University of Alexandria, 2006), and in contemporary dance (Studio Emad Eddin, Cairo, 2008-2011). He has participated in the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna (2010), the Montpellier Dance Festival (2012), and the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo (2013/2018). Since 2011, Mohamed Fouad presents in situ choreographies for the Nassim el-Raqs festival in Alexandria. A show in Arabic and English, surtitled in French and English and will be given from July 16 to 24 (release on July 19) at 12:50 at CHÂTEAU DE SAINT CHAMAND  

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