Taoufiq Izeddiou

Choreographer & Dancer


A choreographer who is relentless questioning so called taboos and investigating languages routed in forgotten heritage. From creation to creation, he’s prospecting the shaded zones, goes where there is little to compose with and invents a corporal language, a new dance liberating the individual.

In precedent creations, like for “Aataaba” a group of four women imposes themselves through their voices and dances confronting the audience with a complexity of issues around women in Moroccan society. In Rev’Illusion, the piece had fused the ambivalence between these two concepts, illusion and revolution. He had the current political developments in North Africa in mind, and compose for four dancers, including himself. In Rev’illusion, the revolutionary bodies, not only for what they are, but also what they sustained before and during the revolutions, liberated, exposes themselves, in a critical stance towards the for long outdated powers that be in the Arab and African world. Last creation , En Alerte, Inspired by the modern Arabic lyricist Mahmoud Darwish, accompanied by two instrumentalists Taoufiq Izeddiou explores the depths of spirituality. Constantly alarmed – “en alerte” – in the process he questions the (im- )possibilities of belief, using dance, music and contemporary poetry, and thus differentiates his cultural heritage. On an inner journey he comes up against the uncannily attractive force of religion and its conflict potential. In his dance solo Izeddiou transforms and transcends this dualism through the materialisation of sound and movement in space. Here he repeatedly addresses the tension between language and body, dance and rituals, which also influenced his early childhood and manifest themselves as Izeddiou’s first confrontation with choreographed movement – in order like Darwish to dedicate himself to existential questions of culture, humanity and society.