Cloture de l’amour

by Pascal Rambert




A couple put an end to their love through two monologues which bring out their deepest thoughts, two long sentences which cannot bear any interruption. The purpose is for them to settle old accounts while asserting their physical presence in the midst of the most ruthless language attacks.
Of course Love’s End is the end of a story, it is about a separation, the separation of a couple trying to put an end to something : their common story first, and one they would like to close up forever. They are animated by anger and the urgent necessity to split up .
But Love’s End could also be a beginning, as closing also means enclosing, enclosing here the space dedicated to the soul, the space which defines the individual as a fesh and bone territory to defend, a definitely organic and even choreographic language, in which Nanda and Mohamed, the two characters who stand on the edge of the stage, build a barbed wire railing of words between them, repeating over and over in an obsessional manner expression which seem to swirl up inside their bodies. “Two soliloquies which could not interrupt each other, two separate word streams which wouldn’t stop. Should I go further deep into my feelings, I would describe it as a dance play,” Pascal Rambert says, “A mental dance somehow, which brings to light the invisible movement of the soul and nerves on stage.”

Cast & credits:

  • Text, conception, direction: Pascal Rambert
  • Set designer: Daniel Jeanneteau
  • Music arrangement: Telet ya Mahla Nourha by Sayed Darwish. Sung by children choir of DEO Kairo School
  • Light designer: Pascal Rambert & Jean-Francios Besnard
  • Assistant director: Shaymaa Shoukry
  • Arabic translator: Shadi El-Housseiny

After being translated to more than 15

different languages, Pascal Rambert’s international hit, “Cloture De L’amour” is finally available in Arabic.

Touring Dates: (in production)

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Production Details: --

Country: France, Egypt & Syria
Genre: Theater
Duration: 120 mins
Language: Arabic with subtitles

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Ross Weaver / Producer

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James Franco / Producer