Gesturing Refugees

by Farah Saleh




The interactive video dance performance intends to archive latent stories of refugeehood using the bodies of refugee artists and the audience as the main archive, while playing with other archive material, testimonies and imagination. The archives will include present, past and even future stories of refugeehood to try and interrogate collective responsibility and find bridges between the past and present of the West. The re-enactment, transformation and deformation of the alternative and personal memories of refugees by refugee artists will allow the re- appropriation of the narrative of refugeehood and develop a collective gestural identity that might challenge that of passive victimhood to which refugees are often subjected. The performance already faced many obstacles related to visa denial to artists and the impossibility of their physical encounter, which added up another formal layer to the performance.

Cast & credits

  • Concept and choreography: Farah Saleh
  • Dancers: Fadi Waked, Hamza Damra and Farah Saleh
  • Video artist: Pedro Vaz Simoes
Dramaturgist: Luke Pell

Funded by 
Creative Scotland and Cultural Resource
  • Supported by 
Dance Base

Touring Dates:

23Feb. 2019
Berlin, Germany

6-7June 2019
Lusanne University, Swizerland
1 date between 15-24June(TBC)
Refugee Week, Glasgow,Scotland
1 date between 17-23June(TBC)
Refugee Week, London, England

Previous work:

  • 2018: Brexit means Brexit
  • 2016: Cells of illegal Education
  • 2016: La meme
  • 2015: Free Advice
  • 2014: A Fidayee Son in Moscow
  • 2013: Ordinary Madness
  • 2012: Parole, Parole, Parole...

Production Details:

  • Number In Company: 2 on the road (performer & video artist), Additional Personnel needed from host:
  • 1 Light Technician (only for setup),1 Sound Technician (only for setup),1 Stage Hand
  • Setup: 1 setup day

The First Palestinian Associate Artist at

Dance Base in Edinburgh, UK


Country: Palestine
Genre: Dance performance
Duration: 1h30mins

Full performance: Password: OrientProductions

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Ross Weaver / Producer

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James Franco / Producer