Untitled 14 KM – Youness Atbane



Country: Morocco Genre: Conceptual Performance Duration: -- Language: --
ARAB is an idea, art is essential to hidden idea. ARAB is an identity, art is a feeling. ARAB is a territory. art is politics. ARAB is only a language, art is a beauty. ARAB is a study. artists are students. ARAB is a crisis. art is the memory of the crisis. ARAB is a body, art is a naked body. ARAB is a poetry, art is an attempt at immortality. ARAB is a subject of art. art is an Arabic object. ARAB is a democracy, art is ready. ARABE is a finance platform art is a market. ARAB in Contemporary art is a mechanics of sensations, is a dynamic of the conflict. a territory a past that will become an art, then a dynamic, an identity, a politics, an artwork, and finally a story between two characters, one is a poet from the Andalusian past and one is an art critic, they will discuss. « contemporaneity and art»
Director’s Word:
in this project me and the Andalusian poet We want to build an installation!   No, we want to make a video clip.   no, we will try to write a critic text;   be not agree with each other, analyzing this installation, creating   value for an object   playing together   Singing his poetry
Cast & credits:
  • Creator & performer: Youness Atbane.
  • Collaborator: Aziz Nadif.
  • Photo Credits: @Atbane_youness_studio
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"The Latest Production by the winner of the 2018 ZKB Acknowledgement prize at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel"