As far as my fingertips take me – Tania el Khoury



Country: Lebanon Genre: Interactive performance Duration: 10 mins Language: English, Arabic, French & German
As Far As My Fingertips Take Me is an encounter through a gallery wall between an audience member and a refugee. Their fingertips touch without seeing each other. The refugee will mark the audience. The audience will listen to those who have recently challenged border discrimination. Those stories can be kept or washed away.
Extracts from the performance:
Introduction of the song by Basel: Hello, my name is Baz. I am sitting on the other side of this wall. Please place your left arm in the hole in the wall in front of you. This is me, touching your arm. I will be drawing a story on your arm. The drawing can be easily taken off by water later. Or you could walk around town with your arm painted by a refugee…
Vinyl Song Translation The boat sank in my tears and lament And rock melted from my pain and lament Do you think you will return while I’m alive And our sun will rise after its absence..
Cast & credits:
  • One-on-one installation performance:Tania El Khoury.
  • Performer:Basel Zaraa.
  • Song:Basel Zaraa (vocals, bass and keyboard) with Emily Churchill, Zaraa (vocals), Pete Churchill (music production) and Katie Stevens (flute and clarinet)
  • Photo Credits:Mostafa Abel Atty
  • Commissioned by “On the Move” LIFT 2016 in partnership with Royal Court Theatre. -French version: introduction text performed in French by Yuval Rozman
Upcoming Tours:
January 2019
New York.
10-12 April 2019
16,17 May 2019
MAI, Montreal.
Previous Tours:
  • 15-20 June: Eleusis, Greece
  • 7-14 July   : Santarcangelo, Italy
  • 16-24 July : Avignon
  • First 3 weeks in Sep: Fringe Arts, Philadelphia
  • 28- 29 Sep: Anti Festival, Finland
  • 1-2 Oct      : Slovakia 
  • 4-6 Oct      : Basel, Switzerland
  • 10-13 Oct  : Prague
  • Mousonturm, Frankfurt
  • MDC Live Arts, Miami
  • Mladi Levi, Ljubljana, Copenhagen
  • Arab Arts Festival, Liverpool
  • Belluard, Fribourg
  • Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille
  • Mosaic Rooms, London
  • IBT, Bristol
  • Teatro A Mil, Santiago
  • Royal Court Theatre, London
Production Details:
  • Number In Company: 2 on the road
  • Freight: Constructed by host company
  • Setup: 1 Setup Day


“His tale doesn’t just touch me in a fleeting way - as the many stories and images reported in the newspapers do - it goes further. It marks me.”

Lyn Gardner / The Guardian