Botero en orient – Taoufiq Izeddiou



Country: Morocco  Genre: Contemporary Dance Duration: -- Language: --
This created piece seeks to transgress the codes of the acceptable bodies in contemporary dance. It thus invites “atypical” performers to celebrate dance and to celebrate the complexity of what exists outside the established formats of our contemporary societies; an ensemble of unique personalities with exceptional bodies, which will expose us to a dance that firstly reflects inwards before acting responsive towards others in a second tempo.
As a primary source of inspiration, the project refers to the particular universe of the Colombian artist Botero, whose artwork bursts the corporal form in order to investigate the human condition. The “Abu Ghraib” paintings testify to the painter's indignation at inflicted torture and humiliation. The deranged beauty of the corpses, whether they be brutal or gruesome, constitute the objects of research, hence the working title 'Botero in the Orient'. The dance's vocabulary will also be written through every dancer's own bodily vocabularies and their roots in Arab, African and European culture -- in another words, in our world of today and its multiple representations.
Director’s Word:

« Abu Ghraib 57 » by Botero, 2005, oil on canvas

In the creative trajectory of Taoufiq Izeddiou there is a pattern of alternation between solo creation and work for a collective. There is both this need for solitary research, as an austere poet of the movement -- the need for distance from the collective to enhance an inner quest -- and composing for others. Working with a group allows Taoufiq to explore other dimensions: the ambiguous relationship between singularity and collectivity, between the intimate search for the self and collective aspirations, between the genuine and the coded.

The project will work with a set of 7 performers on stage: 5 dancers (including the choreographer), one musician and one singer. The artistic team would like to challenge the inner search of everyone, to question what can be shared and how a collective form or dance can occur. Seven is a number attached to traditions of good faith: the wonders of the ancient world, the seven circles of heaven evoked in the Quran and the Bible, the seven gates to paradise...Seven singular bodies that celebrate the individual and the collective, questioning the entity in relation to the group, which becomes an entity itself...

Cast and credits:
  • Choreographer: Taoufiq Izeddiou
  • Dancers: Essiane Kaisha, Karine Girard, Marouane Mezouar & Taoufiq Izeddiou
  • Singer: Fatima Ezzahara Nadifi
  • Documentation: Nedjma H.Benchelabi
  • Creators: Said Ait El Moumen & Taoufiq Izeddiou
  • Photo Credits: Iris Verhoewen
  • Light specialist (to be confirmed)
Upcoming Tours:

20-22 Feb. 2019
Premiere at Le Tarmac - La Scene Internationale Francophone, Paris.

12 April 2019
Théâtre Jean Vilar, Ville de Vitry-sur-Seine.
12 April 2019
Théâtre Jean Vilar, Ville de Vitry-sur-Seine.
June-July 2019
Festival de Marseille.
Dec. 2019
Théâtre National de Bruxelles.
Théâtre Bois de l’Aune, Aix en Provence. HAU, Berlin & Festival internationale de danse contemporaine de Marrakech
Previous Tours:
  • 2016: EN ALERTE 
  • 2013: Rev’Illusion 
  • 2011: Aaleef (I turn)
  • 2009: La voix est libre
  • 2008: Äataba (the threshold)
  • 2006: Déserts, désirs
  • 2005: Clandestins
  • 2004: Coeur sans corps
Production Details:
  • Number In Company: 7 p,
  • Set: Transported from France,
  • Setup: 1 Set up and Rehearsal day,
  • Stage dimensions and capacities :
  • Opening: 10 m,
  • Depth: 10m,
  • Minimum height under pipe: 6 m
  • And preferably a black box

Morocco’s Leading contemporary choreographer; Taouffiq Izzediou presents his latest piece which transgresses the codes of the acceptable bodies in contemporary dance.