Night”ليل” – Ali Chahrour



Country: Lebanon Genre: Dance performance Duration: 1h.10mins Language:  --
Violent crisis during which the subject, experiencing the amorous situation as a definitive impasse, a trap from which he can never escape, sees himself doomed to total destruction. Roland Barthes. A Lover’s discourse: fragments Layl (Night) is a dance performance which derives its aesthetic inspiration from the subtleties of Arabic poetry about passion, love stories, the meaning of love, as well as the ruthlessness of separation. The performance makes reference to the history of the Levant and Mesopotamia, as well as to contemporary stories about the fate of lovers who violated social and religious systems. As a result, the latter were physically punished and sentenced to live between the agony of separation and the false hope of being reunited with their loved ones. The performance sets down the vicissitudes of lovers and their resistance until the moment of falling and vanishing where the exhausted body collapses, and every act and instrument carried by the performers throughout the show collapses with it. This collapse reveals the performer's fragility, who is also a lover, and the fragility of all their methods and tools until the stage turns into a post-battle scene; a battle that the audience just witnessed the end, or rather the birth of its protagonists.
Cast & credits:
-Directer & choreographer: Ali Chahrour -Performers: Hala Omran, Aya Metwalli, Simona Abdallah, Sharif Sehnaoui & Ali Chahrour. -Dramaturgist: Junaid Sarieddine -Light designer: Guillaume Tesson -Sound designer: Khyam Allami or Mathilde Daucy -Stage manager & Assistant Director: Haera Slim -Production Manager: Christel Salem, Haera Slim -Graphic designer&Communications: Be-kult -Production: Cie Ali Chahrour -Photo credits: Alain Monot Co-produced by: Zoukak Studio, Studio Emad Eddin Stiftelsen with the support of the Ford Foundation, Fonds de dotation du Quartz (Brest). Night was developed, in part, at the 2018 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab in Morocco with continued support through it post-Lab Support Initiative. Co-commissioned by: Fisher Center, Bard.
Upcoming Tours:
1-2 March 2019
Le Quartz, Brest, France.
14 June2019
Teatro Festival, Napoli, Italy.
27-28 Aug.2019
Kunst-Fest Weimar, Weimar, Germany.
30Aug.-1Sep.2019(Exact Dates TBC)
Theater Spektakel, Zurich.
21-25Nov.2019(Exact Dates TBC)
Fisher Center (Bard College), New York, US.
Previous Tours:
  • 24-27 Jan 2019: Al Madina Theatre, Beirut, Lebanon.
Touring Details:
  • Number In Company: 7 p
  • Set: Transported from Beirut
  • Setup: 1 Set up and Rehearsal Day
  • Stage dimensions and capacities:
  • Width: 10m (min) - 14m (max)
  • Depth: 10m (min) - 14m (max)
  • Minimum height under pipe: 6 m

The latest performance by the Festival D’Avignon Regular and rising Lebanese choreographer.