Mama – Ahmed El Attar



Country: Egypt Director: Ahmed El Attar Genre: Theater Duration: 75mins Language: Arabic with subtitles
While men are only passing through, women remain. And in this bourgeois living room in Cairo, men take up all the space. A place that serves at once to protect family intimacy and to welcome visitors from the outside, this ordinary location provides Ahmed El Attar with countless possibilities to express the symbolic and physical imprisonment of the Arab woman and her children. With Mama, El Attar paints an unforgiving portrait of the mother, rendered monstrous by her limitless love. He deploys his thirteen characters and the living room in order to expose the audience to a miniature society made up of alternating power relationships. Every character is at the service of others, and allows him- or herself be buried under things left unsaid. With this play —the last in a trilogy about family — the director dares to challenge and transform our point of view of the mother, a figure all too often considered an untouchable object to honor and cherish. In Mama he makes her the mistress of her own destiny, and more broadly explores her responsibility in this current time of crisis. Because loving too much or in a toxic way has never led to more freedom...
Cast and credits:
  • Text and direction: Ahmed El Attar
  • Performers: Belal Mostafa, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Dalia Ramzi, Hadeer Moustafa, Heba Rifaat, Menha El Batrawy, Menna El Touny, Mohamed Hatem, Mona Soliman, Nanda Mohammad, Noha El Kholy, Ramsi Lehner, Seif Safwat , Teymour El Attar
  • Music: Hassan Khan
  • Stage design and costumes: Hussein Baydoun
  • Lights: Charlie Alström
  • Producer: Henri Jules Julien
  • Assistant Director / Touring Manager: Nadeen Lotayef
  • Production & Stage Manager: Mram AbdelMaqsoud
  • Assistant Light Designer & Operator: Saber El Sayed
  • Assistant Set & Costume Designer / Sound Operator: Ahmed Ashmawy
  • Production Team: Mohamed Bonga, Sayed Naggar, Mazen Abo El Nagga, Medo AbdelMaqsoud, Mohamed Fares, and Islam Tarek
  • Prompter: Nevine El Ibiary
  • Vocal Coach: Sherif El Dabaa
  • Finance Manager: Ahmed Nagy
  • Marketing Manager: Sarah Fahmi
  • PR Manager: Basma Hamed
  • Graphic Designer: Enas Abdelrahman
  • Social Media Coordinator: Seham Sultan
  • Photography: Mostafa Abdel Aty
  • Videography: Sally Kandil
  • Special Thanks to: Ahmed Adel
  • English Translator: Lara El Gibaly French Translator: Mireille Mikhail French Editor: Shadi El Hosseini and Taymour El Attar
Touring Dates:

14-15 May 2019
Le Quartz, Scène nationale, Brest, France.

18 May 2019
Le Liberté, Scène nationale de Toulon, France.
Previous Tours:
  • 1-7 July: AUC Falaki Theatre and Gallery, Cairo, Egypt 
  • 18-19, 21-23 July: Festival d’Avignon, France
  •  9 Oct.: Théâtre Paul Éluard, Choisy-le-Roy, France
  • 11-14 Oct: MC93 Bobigny / Festival d’Automne à Paris, France
  • 16-17 of Oct: MCB Bourges, France 
  • 10 Nov: Festival Les rencontres à l’échelle, Marseille, France, 
  • 15-6 Nov: Festival TNB Rennes, France
Production Details:
  • Number In Company: 19 on the road including 1 child
  • Setup: 1 setup Day
  • Stage dimensions and capacities:
  • Width: 14m
  • Depth: 8mini-15max
  • Height under pipe: 7m

Full performance with EN subtitles

Password: Mama2018

"In Mama, fourteen actors exhibit in an almost clinical manner all the paradoxes of the mother’s figure”

La Terrasse / France 2018