Sous un ciel bas – Waël Ali



Country: Syria Genre: Documentary Theater Duration:-- Language:--
How do you do theatre when the reality that you try to grasp is constantly affected by violent changes until it dissipates? How do you do theatre in times of war when you’re no longer in the country? For whom do you do theatre here? Under low skies goes back and forth between two pathways, two journeys. It is a documentary theatre performance based on a saga but also a text that is very fragmented. Under low skies presents a character called Jamal, a Syrian documentary filmmaker in his forties, just like Waël, who has been living in France for several years. Jamal feels trapped in a situation preventing him from creating images: “How can I look, simply look at the present, when I don’t own anymore past.” Obsessed by the idea of having lost his past, and feeling powerless in the face of abandoned and destroyed places disappearing from his memory, Jamal also witnesses his friends becoming scattered across the world. He tells Waël about how his childhood places have disappeared, how the houses he used to visit have been abandoned and that the people who constituted his small personal world in Damascus are now living in different countries.
Excerpt: Jamal: She was telling me: “The old one is not right in her head, things are not all connecting, she’s lost in her clouds…”. She unreeled all the common expressions on the ramblings of the old one and kept multiplying them as if she wanted to trigger a shared and knowing smile, as if putting the setting for the rest of the story. I think we laughed, anyway her laugh seemed distant on the phone...
Cast & Credits:
  • Author & scene-setter: Wael Ali
  • Set Designer: Bissane Al Charif
  • Sound Creator and musician: Khaled Yassine
  • Light Designer: Hassan Al Balkhi
  • 3 Arabophone Actors
  • Photo Credits: Bissane Al Charif

Touring Dates:

2-15 April 2019
the Weimar National Theater, Germany.

15-28 April & 27 May-9 June2019
La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France.
June 2019
2 performances at the Naples Festival, Italy.(Dates TBC)
July 2019
2 performances at Shubbak Festival, London, UK.
Aug. 2019
2 performances at the Weimar festival, Germany & 2 performances at the LOOP festival, Athens (Greece)
Oct. 2019
2 performances at the One Dance Week Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Oct. 2019
2 performances at the One Dance Week Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Nov. 2019
2 performances at Bozar Brussels, Belgium, 2 performances at the Dancing on the Edge Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands & 2 other performances at the festival Les Rencontres à l'échelle, Marseille, France.
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