The Architects – Youness Atbane

Casablanca, Berlin & Paris


Country: Casablanca, Berlin & Paris Genre: -- Duration: 60 mins Language: --
A plant, a cup, a book, a chair, a lamp, a bottle -- these objects were the most common possessions dismissed bankers carried in boxes from their offices on Wall Street when the financial crisis reached its first low point. These objects now form the basis for a choreographic duet that questions the connections between objects, the art market and crisis. Presenting a humorous view of the art world and its absurd geopolitical expressions, Youness Atbane and Youness Aboulakoul explode the logic of language, movement and images.
Scandal is an emotion, art is a feeling. Scandal is a crisis, art memorizes the crisis. Scandal is a finance platform, art is a market. Scandal is an idea, art is the essential of a hidden idea. Scandal is a language, art is a value. Scandal is an artistic process, art is politics. Scandal is a subject of art, art is a scandalous object. Scandal abuses the body, art is an attempt at immortality. Scandal in contemporary art is a mechanics of sensations. «WITHOUT SCANDAL THERE IS NO ART HISTORY»
The architects is a performative project based on reflections about art and identity crisis. It explores the links between the art market, art scandals, public perception and reactions on various levels.
Director’s Word:
This project is part of a trilogy of three choreographic pieces (a solo, a duet, and a trio). Each piece mentions the other in a logic of continuation. The trilogy as a whole intends to question the relation between objects as visual art works and the art market in a context of crisis.
Cast and credits:
  • Concept: Youness Atbane
  • Artists involved: Youness Aboul Akoul & Youness Atbane
  • Sound Creation: Youness Aboul Akoul
  • Choreography Assistants: Anna Weissenfels & 
Aziz Nadif
  • Photo credits: Youssef Bachat
Touring Dates:--
Previous tours:
  • 2016: The second copy 2045
  • 2017 :Duo / The Architects
  • 2018: Trio: The work is all the time in progress
Production details:
  • Number of people on the road: --
  • Additional personnel needed from host:

Light manager, Light technician, Sound manager

  • Freight:
  • Stage dimensions and capacities:
  • Width:  9M
  • Depth: 9M
  • No pendrillons
  • Friezes according to the light adaptation

"The performance that won the 2018 ZKB Acknowledgement prize at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel"