Fighting – Shaymaa Shoukry



Concept, Choreography & Performance
Choreography Collaboration and Performance
Country: Egypt Genre: Dance performance
Concept: A duet between two people, a man and a woman, a dance performance that deals with the topic of fighting... Asking... What are we fighting? What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting? What about the fight we have among ourselves? What about the fight we have within ourselves? Where war comes, Peace could be appreciated, the perseverance, the inner conflicts and the ways we manage to carry on.
Vision:  A set up where both dancers/ performers are on a loop performing a sequence of dance influenced and inspired by martial arts, a sequence showing them fighting, as they perform this sequence they change orientation... so it translates that their opponent transforms... it can become an invisible opponent ... they could be fighting the audience (as they face the audience) or fighting for the audience (back to the audience), they can seem to be fighting each other ... they could be fighting a common could seem to be attacking the other... this all changes and is open for interpretation depending on which side they are facing as they loop the fighting sequence and twirl. They could twirl in-sync or out of sync which would open the door to different set ups and images. As they fight we also see how one of them could give up at a given point ... how their partner reacts... would they fight against them.. or fight for them...these are details to be played with... as well as how the one who gives up could pick themselves back up to carry on and fight again... how a partner can play a role to bring you down or offer support that will help you back up... how the quality of the fighting movement can change and give different information that leads to different intentions, interpretations and narratives. The couple... the man and the woman could seem gender neutral at moments or could symbolize different entities in the society in other moments... reveal different relationship dynamics... and how we all struggle within our relationships and with the sociopolitical set up we are made to live in. How our roles shift and change and how we could be forced into a setting that we do not necessarily choose. Contemplating the realm of being we have created... thinking about what we have done to the world... the cities we built and how they function ... the wars we wage... thinking about equality ... but also thinking about justice... and how unattainable they may seem but how if we shift minor habits and ways of being it could be very simple to accomplish.
Shaymaa Shoukry: Concept, Choreography & Performance, Mohamed Fouad: Choreography Collaboration and Performance, Ahmed Saleh: Music composition and Performance
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