Mama – Ahmed El Attar



Country: Egypt Director: Ahmed El Attar Genre: Theater Duration: 75 mins Language: Arabic with subtitles
While men are only passing through, women remain. In this bourgeois living room in Cairo, men take up all the space. A place that serves at once to protect family intimacy and to welcome visitors from outside, this seemingly ordinary location provides Ahmed El Attar with countless possibilities to express the symbolic and physical imprisonment of the Arab woman and her children.
Touring Dates:

14-15 May 2019
Le Quartz, Scène nationale, Brest, France.

18 May 2019
Le Liberté, Scène nationale de Toulon, France.


"In Mama, fourteen actors exhibit in an almost clinical manner all the paradoxes of the mother’s figure”

La Terrasse / France 2018